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According to the industry handbook, it is impossible to produce high performance outdoor clothing in Switzerland without any harmful chemicals and offer it to a fair price. Nevertheless, we will try!
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 Our goal is to produce the most sustainable clothes for being outdoors and everyday life as possible. Fair to the people in production, fair to nature and the environment and above all fair to you.

 All of our clothes are 100% knitted or sewn in Switzerland. Most of the fabrics, labels, logos, etc. also come from Switzerland. In short: everything that is possible is produced here. And what cannot any more be produced locally, we try to make possible again. That is what we stand for as a team every day. That is radical SWISS MADE.

Become part of our journey to more SWISS MADE and support our crowdfunding on With your help we can change the system to a textile industry that does not destroy the world and people.

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Marion, Oliver, Tanja, Bettina and Silvana