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Radically into the winter season

We are ready in the comfortable ROTAUF Bio-Merino First Layer and in the final stages of preparation. Join in - because you have to get fit yourself. Radical SWISS. Radical ECO. Radical FAIR.

Fit for the winter season.



Can you do it more elegantly and better than ROTAUF co-founder Remo?

Try it out: Anja and Rudi show you some good exercises in the videos below, so that you are ready for the start.



A coordination training that trains your perception of body movements and small, stabilizing muscles.



Take a dive in this exercise and strengthen your back muscles.



Go like a gecko, the exercise for a strong body and more strength in the upper body.



The tilted exercise strengthens your buttocks and leg muscles.




For more flexibility in the anterior muscle chain.


Do you have any other great exercises?

Post them please on our Facebook page in the comments.


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Many thanks to Tanja and Ruedi for the efficient exercises and the successful spots.
You need some training or physio? Ruedi will treat you:

Physio Chur and Fitnesstower Chur 

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