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Your board or skis need some attention?

Here is our tip for the right maintenance of board and skis and some information about the production of our organic Merino Underwear.



Organic merino wool, the consistent way for a responsible approach to nature.

Whoever deals with the production of merino wool and the conditions on conventional merino farms soon realizes: To protect animals and nature: Only organic merino. 

Organic sheep may only be treated with antibiotics in case of illness and eat digestible grass on the pasture. Important for animal welfare: "Mulesing", a very painful procedure for the sheep, is strictly forbidden in organic production. 

In contrast to conventional merino wool, the individual hairs of organic merino sheep are shorter and thinner. The yarn is therefore less robust and durable. Therefore, when handled roughly, small damages and pilling form a little faster.

At present, organic merino wool is very rare, as only a few farmers worldwide work within the strict regulations. In Switzerland there is not yet sufficient production of organic merino. We therefore obtain our organic wool from South America. If this is not enough for all shirts and pants, Australian organic wool is also purchased.

The South American wool is washed and combed directly on site, near the respective farm. To be able to wash your merino clothes in the machine, you need a special washing equipment for the wool. Our chlorine-free bleached wool travels to Hard on the Swiss border, to our partner Schoeller Wool. The Australian wool is shipped after shearing to Asia to be washed and combed there before it also arrives in Hard.

After finishing it is sent to Kresice in the Czech Republic. Here the wool is spun into fine yarn. The journey continues to Aldo Nägeli AG in Ermatingen. At Nägeli AG, the yarn is knitted on circular knitting machines into a fine merino fabric. 

The company Wams AG in Buchs now sews the fabric into ROTAUF Underwear. Wams specializes in the production of functional sports and running wear and, in addition to ROTAUF, also supplies major brands such as Adidas, Swisscom and Swissski.

With these specialized and efficient partners we can offer our organic Merino underwear at a good price. We compensate 100% of the CO2 emitted by the transport with our partner Myclimate. 

So you wear your Merino Underwear radical SWISS, radical ECO and radical FAIR.

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Merino care instructions

In contrast to clothes made of sheep's wool, textiles made of merino wool are very easy to care for. When washing and storing, however, the following instructions should be observed

  • normal washing program wash at 30 °C in a washing bag 

  • Spinning speed 400-600

  • do not use heavy-duty detergent, fabric softener or bleach, only mild detergent for wool

  • Do not put merino wool in the dryer

  • no ironing

  • in storage keep lying down

  • Important: Pull out carefully when wet

From underwear to fertilizer

Our Merino products are made of 100% natural fibres and are dyed with environmentally friendly colours. This way, when they are broken and worn out, they can fulfil their last task as nitrogen fertiliser in the compost.

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