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For Christmas we are launching the campaign "Giving Swiss jobs as a gift"  

With more than 20 Swiss small businesses, we produce sustainable clothing for outdoors and everyday life. Support these businesses with a Christmas present for your loved ones (or yourself) from ROTAUF. 

We would like to give the people who work for our suppliers in Switzerland the most peaceful holidays possible in these difficult times by filling their employers' order books. For this we need you!

Be a hero and donate Swiss jobs as a gift by purchasing a ROTAUF product.

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Our Partners


Swiss Made Champion: Insulation 120 Jacket 



As Swiss Made as it gets.

Fabric produced in Appenzell and fine wool fleece from Graubünden sheep are the main ingredients for the warmest insulation jacket from ROTAUF. The jacket is sewn together by skillful hands in Rothrist, optionally with collar or hood.

The sporty-elegant jacket is the ideal companion for everyday life and light sports activities. Thanks to the climate-regulating properties of wool, the Insulation 120 jacket is suitable for both cool and cold days. The robust, tightly woven and PFC-free impregnated outer fabric as well as the wind cover strip behind the zipper keep out cold winds and snow flurries. In addition, the wool filling, compared to down, retains its warmth even when damp. That is why the ROTAUF Insulation 120 jacket is suitable for almost any situation: For waiting at the train station in the morning, for a trip to Scandinavia or a weekend camping trip.

Insulation 120

World First: Swiss Merino Beanie 



The world's first garment made of Swiss Merino wool!

This beanie is a real rarity: For 2 years the first Swiss merino sheep grew their hair in the Emmental, Jura and Thurgau, so that we can produce a limited edition of 350 beanies. The wool provided by our fluffy friends is extremely fine at 16 microns and exceeds the already very demanding standards for merino wool.

The wool was spun into a high-quality yarn at the traditional spinning mill Filature de Laine Peignée d'Ajoie in the Jura, which our long-standing partner HerrUrs in Aargau then knitted into these exclusive beanies with great attention to detail. They are perfect for everyday wear: wear them as they fit you - folded over once, twice or not at all.

The Swiss Merino beanie is unisex, and available in two sizes and three colors. More details about the beanies can be found in our store.

Swiss Merino

Allrounder: Our Organic Cotton Hoodie


Your best friend for all situations.

Our comfortable hooded sweatshirt made of organic cotton for climbing, bouldering or simply for the casual, sporty look in everyday life.

We purchase the organic cotton from the Swiss company Remei, which guarantees a completely transparent supply chain from seed to finished yarn, compliant with the highest social and ecological standards: Grown completely without genetic engineering and toxic substances, fairly traded and CO2-neutral... exactly to our taste!

The organic cotton yarn is knitted into fabric at Aldo Nägeli AG in Ermatingen on futuristic-looking circular knitting machines and dyed at Johann Müller AG in Strengelbach - of course, toxic chemicals are also completely avoided here. The dyed fabric is then finally sewn into the finished hoodie in Rothenthurm.

Cotton Hoodie


Be a hero and support the Swiss textile industry. Price pressure from low-wage countries and the corona crisis still threaten hundreds of jobs in Switzerland. Every weaving, dyeing or knitting mill that is closed down is gone forever. The laid-off workers can hardly find a job in Switzerland any more. 

We are changing that. Our brand ROTAUF radically pushes SWISS MADE. Of 10 Swiss francs spent with ROTAUF, 8 Swiss francs remain In Switzerland. An unmatched share - especially for clothing. The crisis is not over yet and many of the last textile companies based in Switzerland are considering to relocate their Swiss production facilities to cheap foreign countries. The most recent example is the Weberei Appenzell and ALUMO, which are offshoring their joint Swiss operations to Egypt. More than 20 people lose their jobs.

Jobs in the Swiss textile industry are not only to be maintained, but also rebuilt. The impossible will be made possible, processing chains will be re-established in Switzerland - for example for the production and processing of Swiss merino wool. Together with Swiss Merino Superfino, FLASA and other partners, we have taken the first step. But now we need more courageous people to keep sheep, to sort wool and so on - so that in future we can produce not only 50 kilograms of merino wool per year, but a few thousand kilograms. 

For these innovative projects we want to create a total of three full-time jobs, distributed among our partners. Each full-time job requires on average orders with a sales value of 100,000 CHF. For this we need you. With your purchase you support our project, the Swiss workplace and a truly environmentally friendly production of high-quality outdoor clothing.

Many thanks!

The ROTAUF - Team

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